15mm SOBH Ork Warband

An evil wizard and his ork warband (he bribes them with pork rinds and Cola) for Songs of Blades and Heroes.



Songs Of Blades and Heroes warband

SOBH overlords(1).JPGSOBH overlords(2).JPGSOBH overlords(3).JPGSOBH overlords(4).JPGSOBH overlords(5).JPGSOBH overlords(6).JPGSOBH overlords(7).JPGSOBH overlords(8).JPGSOBH overlords(9).JPGSOBH overlords(10).JPGSOBH overlords(11).JPGSOBH overlords(12).JPG
*updated with more pics*

Got a warband ready for SOBH

Alle minis are Reaper Overlords I found in the massive bit drawer 🙂



(and I guess i better look in to tweaking the photo setup again)