Counters for Epic Imperial fists!

Here are 3 counter I painted as an addion to this army (a commisionjob i did a little ago).


Epic Imperial fists!

I painted this army as a commission job using airbrush and washes (GW). Didn’t take me 2 long in effective painting time, but it took a few months to find the time to get it done (became a parent for the first time dec. 1 2009)

Here are some pics of the finished army, hope you like it Poul 🙂

*edit* added picture of markes I painted for the army later.


.. I really hope it wont be this long to the next update 😉

Test Models for my Epic scale Eldar Army

I had this army lying around for so long… BUT now is the time to do something about it!

I’m planning to go to a gaming weekend at the next “Random Encounters Gameclub” meeting, a little private social event my friend Thorbjørn and his homies run. Thorbjørn was the one who re-introduced me to Epic scale gaming again, I played it before a long time ago, and so what would be more perfect than to be able to bring a fresh fully painted army 🙂

Enough with the babbling… on to the important stuff… the minis!

I decided to make a few test models because I tried to paint the army before, but was never really happy about the result. This time I think I got it! I’m going for the regular Biel-Tan look, green and white. Luckily it turned out well (at least I think so), so this is how it’s going to look (still need to do bases and apply warnish):


//Bech – Admin