One legged pirate

I finished another pirate – a poor one legged drunk.

I added a groupshot of the pirates i painted so far, more will follow 🙂


Terrain for 15mm gaming

I finished some of the trees I planned for my 15mm gaming board. I also airbrushed a little on the board itself, but I didn’t get a pic of it. You’ll have to settle for the trees for now 😉


I put a 28mm miniatures in one of the pictures for scale.



Legion Warpack!

I forgot about this picture. The Warpack was an entry in a painting competion some years ago. I did’nt win, but the Warpack was the start of my Legion army. I later sold the army.



27 Thralls done!

Maybe you’ve seen them before, but i fanally pulled myself together and finished the bases at gave the mini’s varnish. At last they are done and ready for the tabletop :D.

My Cryx army now consists of 64 painted models and only 24 unpainted!


Malifaux – Sonnia Criid Gang

I finally pulled myself together and finished my Sonnia gang (needed the final touch on the bases and varnish)


15mm SOBH Ork Warband

An evil wizard and his ork warband (he bribes them with pork rinds and Cola) for Songs of Blades and Heroes.



Small technical detail

Some of the pictures are a little small. I’ve updated the most resent post with better picture sizes.

In time I’ll fix the rest. If you want me to fix a specific post, then write a comment ind the post 🙂

15mm – Mutants and Deathray guns

My friend Sonny (Imitation of Life) and I played a game of 15mm Mutants and Deathray guns on my dinner table the other night. I was really fun to play again, and we’re defently going to play more soon 🙂

Sonny wrote a little on on his blog about our thoughts behind 15mm gaming.

Here are some action pics from the game.