15mm Sci-fi minis for AE Bounty/MADG

During this week I’ve painted 20 15mm sci-fi minis for AE Bounty.

The minis are from http://www.criticalmassgames.com/ and were a joy to paint.

I’ve add a 40k terminator to one of the pics for size comparison.


3 thoughts on “15mm Sci-fi minis for AE Bounty/MADG”

  1. They are great. After this picture I surely oder the rest of the Mercs from CMG. On what kind of base are they mounted?

    Best regards,

  2. Hi there

    Thanks you, I’m happy you like them 🙂

    They are mounted on old danish coins (10 øre, bonus info for the danes).


  3. Hello.
    The last replies in this post are a bit old, but I hope you can still read this one ha ha.

    I’m working in a free sci-fi wargame called Deep Dark. For illustrate the rules I’m looking for some 15mm miniatures pictures, and this one like me a lot.

    There is any way for use them?


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