Steel Legion

I just finished these guys tonight.

I started painting them for a little get- together with the Random Encounter guys. Most of them were finished after the last meeting (thanks for the hospitality Ezikiel), but I decided to expand with another 2 heavy weapon crews and a Commissar.

Since im problably never going to field them in a game of 40k, I decieded not to paint the imperial eagles and other insignia on them. They are ment for other more crazy games 😉

Oh and they look much better on the table, this is speedpainting 😉



7 thoughts on “Steel Legion”

  1. Naaaaarjs! Det looks like du have been busy maling this time. I especially like the kommisær.

  2. How did you paint? Like what paints did you use?

    I might be a bit late, but these look fantastic!

  3. I painted these guys using P3 paints (I generally use P3 paints ).

    For the green/grey clothes I used Cryx Bane Base and Cryx Bane Highlight. First the base, then a mix of base and highlight, and finally just highlight.

    I can’t remember what colors (brown & skin) I used for the rest, but the method is the same. Base, mix of base and highlight and finally just highlight.

    The 3 color method works excellent for speed painting gaming minis.

    I must disappointed you, I don’t think I’ll paint any more of these guys, so I wont be able to make a more detailed tutorial.

    But I’m glad you like my minis 🙂


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