Man of War

Today I received my Ainsty Castings Man of War… it’s HUGE!

I really look forward to this years pirate game at Åcon 🙂

13 - 1

Pirate Sloop and more pirates!

I managed to finish my Ainsty Castings Sloop for this years åCon (and more pirates).


Some of the pirates can double as Royal Navy crewmen.

sloop1.JPG sloop2.JPG sloop3.JPG sloop4.JPG new pirates.JPG

Small pirate boat

It took me about one hour to finish this boat (pirate not included), hooray for airbrush 🙂

boat1.JPG boat2.JPG boat3.JPG boat4.JPG

Small update – Pirates and stuff!

It’s been a while since I postet, but that dosn’t mean I’ve stopped painting.

I just finished a few pirates for this summers Åcon with the Random Encounter guys, AND I’ve got myself a ship for the jolly crew! 🙂

pirate5.JPG ships1.JPG

Oh – and there’s progress in the Deathwing project. I put decals on all the terminators and just need to finish the 2 Landraiders, the Chaplain and the Librarian.

I only got pictures of one of the terminators, that will have to do for now 🙂

deathwingwiplak2.JPG deathwingwiplak1.JPG


One legged pirate

I finished another pirate – a poor one legged drunk.

I added a groupshot of the pirates i painted so far, more will follow 🙂


Drunken pirate/barkeep

Painted this guy for my ongoing pirate projekt.

 I’m really happy with the cartoony look he got, this is what I’m aiming for with the rest of the pirates.


Small update

So… it’s been a while since my last post.

I have finished the HE army… and sold it. It never hit eBay, since a friend from my local gaming club bought it as soon as it was finished. I’m really looking forward to see it on a gaming table soon 🙂

More pictures will follow, but here’s a group shot:


I also painted some Royal Navy Marines for some pirate gaming (Cuttlass or Legends of the high seas). Next up in this project is able seamen and pirates. Sorry for the quality of the pic, it was shot with my cell.