Legion Warpack!

I forgot about this picture. The Warpack was an entry in a painting competion some years ago. I did’nt win, but the Warpack was the start of my Legion army. I later sold the army.



Trollblood Warpack speedpaint challenge 2008

I painted this Trollblood Warpack as a personal challenge during the Danish national WARMACHINE/HORDES championship 2008. The challenge was to finish it before the prize event. I finished it 15 min before.

Total time spent from primer to finished models including bases: 10 hours and 10 minutes. Considering the time spent I’m quite satisfied with the result.

The pictures are from the championship. Someday I’ll give the models a quick walkover and take some new better pictures

Painting Circle

After reading a bit in the new HORDES expansion Metamorphosis I got inspired to paint some of the Circle of Orboros Models I have in the closet (tbh…. I got a Circle army too).

I really got inspired by the new warlock Mohsar, the idea of a desert Circle army is forming in my head.

So here’s the result, some speedpainted Circle models in desert theme. It’s only the Woldwatcher thats completely finished, the Mannikins and Sentry Stone needs a little bit more work and ofc. the bases.



Alten Ashley

I painted this Alten Ashley mini during a tournament I held at the local gaming club. Took me about 3-4 hours to finish him (I know, had an easy time playing judge ;))

Still need to finish the base though.. just need to figure out what army in the collection he’s going to be used most.


//Bech – admin