27 Thralls done!

Maybe you’ve seen them before, but i fanally pulled myself together and finished the bases at gave the mini’s varnish. At last they are done and ready for the tabletop :D.

My Cryx army now consists of 64 painted models and only 24 unpainted!


Cryx reinforcements

I finished the following yesterday:

The Withershadow Combine, Necrosurgeon + stitch thralls and a lone Scrap Thall. More Cryx reinforcements will follow 🙂


Deneghra, Warcaster for my Cryx army

I just painted this little goth chick for my Cryx army… guess I want to win more games 😉


Cryx Mechanithralls with Brute

I painted these for a little paint challenge in my local gaming club Emperor’s Pride called “Emperor’s Stick & Carrot”. The idea is to paint a 1000 pts Warhammer 40k or 500 pts WARMACHINE/HORDES during the next 6 months.

The paintjob is ok, it’s for gaming 😉

Oh, and the bases are unfinished. I’ll do them when all the models are ready 🙂



Cygnar Stormclad

With WARMACHINE mkII coming January 2010, I though I’d better get some painting done already now. When looking in the Field Test rules released byPrivateer Press, the Stormclad looks to be the new hot Warjack for Cygnar…. So I decided to paint one for my army 🙂

Not my best paint job… but it matches the Cygnar army I painted a few years back, so that’s just fine 🙂

Here is the result:



WARMACHINE at my home!

Just at quick update, last weekend my old friend Nicolai from Århus visited to play some WARMACHINE MKII. Nic is the one guy to blame, when it comes to my addiction to Privateer Press games. For that I am him grateful :).

I lost all my games to him, but no worry, it was fun. Next time ill get you Nic 😀

Oh, the guy painting is Daniel a.k.a FatherNurgle :)!



My Cygnar Army… some of it.

Here are some pictures of my Cygnar Army. This is actually how the army started. I painted over a period of a month up to a tournament back in the beginning of 2007. As a sidenote I can mention that the Stryker battlegroup (Stryker, Charger, Lancer and Ironclad), was painted over a weekend.

Oh, and It actually won an award for “Best Painted Army” at the tournament =)

I have added several models since and are actually working on futher additions these days.

//Bech – admin

Alten Ashley

I painted this Alten Ashley mini during a tournament I held at the local gaming club. Took me about 3-4 hours to finish him (I know, had an easy time playing judge ;))

Still need to finish the base though.. just need to figure out what army in the collection he’s going to be used most.


//Bech – admin