Legion Warpack!

I forgot about this picture. The Warpack was an entry in a painting competion some years ago. I did’nt win, but the Warpack was the start of my Legion army. I later sold the army.



27 Thralls done!

Maybe you’ve seen them before, but i fanally pulled myself together and finished the bases at gave the mini’s varnish. At last they are done and ready for the tabletop :D.

My Cryx army now consists of 64 painted models and only 24 unpainted!


Cryx reinforcements

I finished the following yesterday:

The Withershadow Combine, Necrosurgeon + stitch thralls and a lone Scrap Thall. More Cryx reinforcements will follow 🙂


Deneghra, Warcaster for my Cryx army

I just painted this little goth chick for my Cryx army… guess I want to win more games 😉


Cryx Mechanithralls with Brute

I painted these for a little paint challenge in my local gaming club Emperor’s Pride called “Emperor’s Stick & Carrot”. The idea is to paint a 1000 pts Warhammer 40k or 500 pts WARMACHINE/HORDES during the next 6 months.

The paintjob is ok, it’s for gaming 😉

Oh, and the bases are unfinished. I’ll do them when all the models are ready 🙂



Trollblood Warpack speedpaint challenge 2008

I painted this Trollblood Warpack as a personal challenge during the Danish national WARMACHINE/HORDES championship 2008. The challenge was to finish it before the prize event. I finished it 15 min before.

Total time spent from primer to finished models including bases: 10 hours and 10 minutes. Considering the time spent I’m quite satisfied with the result.

The pictures are from the championship. Someday I’ll give the models a quick walkover and take some new better pictures

Cygnar Stormclad

With WARMACHINE mkII coming January 2010, I though I’d better get some painting done already now. When looking in the Field Test rules released byPrivateer Press, the Stormclad looks to be the new hot Warjack for Cygnar…. So I decided to paint one for my army 🙂

Not my best paint job… but it matches the Cygnar army I painted a few years back, so that’s just fine 🙂

Here is the result: