Paint an orc project

I finished my contribution to the Paint-an-orc-project on the danish board (Mal en orc).

3 Rackham minis and the Goblin Judge Nitti from Runic miniatures.

Here are the result:

Mal en orc - done1.pngMal en orc - done4.pngMal en orc - done3.pngMal en orc - done2.pngMal en orc - done5.png

Chistmas Dinner – Goblin style!

I painted this as a small christmas decoration to put at my desk at the office – there are way to many hearts around me πŸ˜‰


15mm Sci-fi minis for AE Bounty/MADG

During this week I’ve painted 20 15mm sci-fi minis for AE Bounty.

The minis are from and were a joy to paint.

I’ve add a 40k terminator to one of the pics for size comparison.


Rackham Wolfen

I painted this mini just before Christmas for a friend, the mini was a present for his wife.

The fur is supposed to look like the one on wild african dogs, this was tricky.

I painted the mini in 6-7 nights (around 2 hours per night) incl. assembly. Actually the mini is partly a game mini (for boardgames), and it works best when looked at on the table. The result is not what I had in mind when i started, but when I think about the time spend I’m happy.



AE-Bounty Crew

Crew for AE-Bounty. Speedpaint again, but I’m really happy with the result πŸ™‚

The miniatues are old I-Core Marines and a Urban War Pit Beast.