Survivors and night terrors

Finished survivors and night terrors for Final Days (A push more puppets challenge)


Reaper Bones Troll

Thought I’d give Reaper Bones a second chance when I found this troll at one of the local shops.

It was a pleasure to paint, but was a pain to clean first 🙂

ReaperBonesTroll-01.JPG ReaperBonesTroll-03.JPG ReaperBonesTroll-02.JPG

Realm of Chaos Warband

My contribution to another  “Push more puppets challenge“ by my friend Sonny (Immitation of life) on

ROC1.jpg ROC2.jpg ROC3.jpg ROC4.jpg ROC6.jpg ROC7.jpg ROC8.jpg ROC9.jpg

Little Vikings!

15mm Vikings from Cobblestone,  looking forward to test them on the table soon!

I also painted a Space Marine for size comparison.

When I post pics on the boards I visit, people often ask about the size  – so I decided to paint Captain Referance 🙂

15mmVikings.JPG 15mmVikingsscale.JPG

Man of War

Today I received my Ainsty Castings Man of War… it’s HUGE!

I really look forward to this years pirate game at Åcon 🙂

13 - 1

Meet Rogue Trader Goodwin & gang

Here’t the finished gang for the Inquisimunda  “Push more puppets – Build a warband challenge“ by my friend Sonny (Immitation of life) on

Rogue Trader Goodwin & gang:



Build a warband – part II, Inquisimunda WIP

Another “Push more puppets – Build a warband challenge” by my friend Sonny (Immitation of life) on

This time the game is Inquisimunda. I recently acquired some old Rogue Trader mini’s that are perfect for the project.

inquisimundawip.JPG 12 - 1 12 - 1 13 - 1

Purple worms

Two Reaper Miniatures Purple Worms fra deres Bones serie – I painted them.. purple.

Perfect for ramdom encounters! 🙂



I painted this gang for the “Push more puppets – Build a warband challenge” created by my friend Sonny (Immitation of life) on

The challenge was to paint a gang for the skirmish game Skulldred.

I ended up using Celtos Sidhe and a Reaper Cyclops. The Cyclops is supposed to be the sorceres slave.

Skulldread11.JPG sidhewipkyklop.JPG sidhewip3.JPG sidhewip4.JPG DSC_0091 23.28.13 kopi.jpg sidhewip1.JPG