Labyrinth board game “upgrade”

I painted 4 new gaming pieces for my daughters Labyrinth board game.

I like the idea of 4 children dressed up as monsters and heroes playing in the labyrinth – at least it looks way better than the wooden pieces.

The kids and Sgt. Scale

Survivors and night terrors

Finished survivors and night terrors for Final Days (A push more puppets challenge)


Grimdalf from Hasslefree Miniatures

I painted this little guy for a painting challenge on the Danish miniatures board The theme of the challenge was “Bad luck” and I decided to picture it with something little dramatic, but very familiar… stepping in a turd 😉

I really enjoyed painting him and is happy how he turned out, especially when I think about how little time I spent on him :). Notice I even put a little source lightning on his hat 🙂

Here are a few pictures including a shot to give people an idea of the size of Grimdalf.


I posted this little guy on CMON,  throw him a wote if you like 🙂