Little Vikings!

15mm Vikings from Cobblestone,  looking forward to test them on the table soon!

I also painted a Space Marine for size comparison.

When I post pics on the boards I visit, people often ask about the size  – so I decided to paint Captain Referance 🙂

15mmVikings.JPG 15mmVikingsscale.JPG

Deathwing Army done

Time for an update 😉

I finally managed to finish the Deathwing Army (about a month ago) 🙂

DSC_0060.JPG DSC_0067.JPG DSC_0056.JPG DSC_0059.JPG DSC_0058.JPG DSC_0065.JPG DSC_0061.JPG


Small update – Pirates and stuff!

It’s been a while since I postet, but that dosn’t mean I’ve stopped painting.

I just finished a few pirates for this summers Åcon with the Random Encounter guys, AND I’ve got myself a ship for the jolly crew! 🙂

pirate5.JPG ships1.JPG

Oh – and there’s progress in the Deathwing project. I put decals on all the terminators and just need to finish the 2 Landraiders, the Chaplain and the Librarian.

I only got pictures of one of the terminators, that will have to do for now 🙂

deathwingwiplak2.JPG deathwingwiplak1.JPG


Robots for Røvede Space Colony

Robots and a leader for my SARS faction in Røvede Space Colony (a Random Encounters game). Made from old classic GW Necrons.

See them in action at Horizont 2010.


Steel Legion

I just finished these guys tonight.

I started painting them for a little get- together with the Random Encounter guys. Most of them were finished after the last meeting (thanks for the hospitality Ezikiel), but I decided to expand with another 2 heavy weapon crews and a Commissar.

Since im problably never going to field them in a game of 40k, I decieded not to paint the imperial eagles and other insignia on them. They are ment for other more crazy games 😉

Oh and they look much better on the table, this is speedpainting 😉



Paint & Cake

Just wanted to show that the blog is still alive 😉

I haven’t painted very much the last couple of weeks, due to the lack of energy after I picked op sports again. I started Thai Boxing after an almost 8 year long break, damn this is tough! But now I’m finally getting energy back 😀

To get back in the painting game again, I had my friend  Frederik “Stunke” Beyer over for a small “painting & cake “session (thx to my wonderful wife for the delicious chocolate cake, you really are the best!).

I worked a little more on my 40k Eldar projekt and on a Freebooter Huntress mini I’m planning to paint for display use. Frederik did some work on his Warhammer Fantasy Chaos Knights Ebay thingy.

The important is, that I’m back at the paintstation, not how much I actually painted 😉


Painting 40k… again =)

Ahh.. another chance to play with my new camera 😛

I’ve had an older Warhammer 40k Eldar army in the basement for a very long time without being able to find the motivation to paint it, or at least some of it. (I actually painted 6 old metal Dire Avengers a while back, will post pics soon).

BUT, my friend Ivan and I both want to game some more (aye, I know… Ivan and I talk a lot), and since Ivan is a sucker for Warhammer 40k and I actually already got an army, I decided to to something about it and start painting some Eldar.

I’ve started with the Farseers and Warlocks, excellent mini’s! I’m really enjoying to paint these mini’s, I’m aiming for a good tabletop quality that doesn’t take to long to achieve. So there’s actually hope ill finish some of this army this time 😉